Industrial Training Institute Kalyani, Nadia

Govt. of West Bengal, India
Center Of Excellence: Fabrication (Fitting & Welding)


S.No. Name Designation Qualification
( Class 10th  onwards )
Trade Date of Joining Regular / Adhoc / Contract CTI traines (Yes/No) Photo Link Remarks
01. Sri Soumen Ghosh Master Passed DPCS trade Cert. from ATI, Dasnagar, JGNOU, Cert. in Adv. Readolgy from ATI Computer Operator and Programming Assistant 28/10/1994 Soumen Ghosh
02. Sri. Biswajit Adhikari Master Passed Bsc. & D.C.A Computer Operator and Programming Assistant 03/11/1994
03. Sri Jayanta Samanta Master Diploma in Plastic Processing Technology. Plastic Processing Operator 22/08/2007
05. Sri. Purnendu Adhikary Supervisor
Passed M.P & AITT Surveyor 05/03/1985
09. Sri Sankar Kumar Dey Supervisor
Passed B.Sc.. & N.C.V.T.(RTV) Mechanic (Radio & TV) 13/09/1993 Deputed at BPC ITI, Krishnagar
10. Smt. Suhita Biswas Instructor Diploma in Electronics & Tele Communication Engineering Electronic Mechanic 17/09/1993
11. Smt. Shipra Chatterjee Instructor AMIE in Electronics &. Tele Communication Engineering Electronic Mechanic 20/09/1993
12. Sri Subhrangshu Ghosh Instructor Passed N.C.T.V. Electronic Mechanic 31/10/1994
13. Sri Parimal Kr. Pal Instructor Passed D.C.E. trained on appreciation Prg. On Trg. Media & Methodology Mason (Building Constructor) 25/01/1995
14. Sri Gadadhar Chakraborty Instructor Passed Cert. Course in E.M. NCVT in Elec. Mech., Maintenance Black & White TV, Audio Radio Euqe. Ecro test Comp. Electronic Mechanic 19/08/1996
15. Sri Pranab Kumar Gangopadhyay Instructor (W.Cal & Sc.) Diploma  in Electrical Engineering No trade 18/02/1997
16. Sri. Amitava Bhowmick Instructor Diploma  in Mechanical Engineering Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioner) 19/06/2000
17. Sri Debasis Saha Instructor Passed  I.T.I (Fitter) Fitter 05/03/2001
18. Sri Srikanta Senapati Instructor Passed I.T.I. & CTI Trg. Turner 07/03/2001
19. Sri Sankar Prasad Malakar Instructor Passed Diploma in Automobile Mechanic (Diesel) 07/03/2001
20. Sri Tapan Das Instructor Passed NCVT & Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Instructor Training Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) 13/03/2001
21. Sri Subodh Pan Instructor Passed I.T.I. and Apprenticeship in Fitter,    N.C.T.V.T. Fitter 24/01/2002
22. Sri Gour Chandra Kundu Instructor (W.Cal & Sc.) Passed I.T.I., Apprenticeship, (NCTVT). Fitter 04/08/2006
23. Sri Tapas Kumar Ghosh Instructor Passed B.Com(Pass) & Instructor (CTI) Fitter 04/08/2006
24. Sri Debashis Routh Instructor Passed I.T.I., N.C.V.T. Electrician 04/08/2006
25. Sri Jayanta Kr. Biswas Instructor Diploma in Civil Engineering DMC 04/08/2006
26. Sri Kartick Chandra Dutta Instructor Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, B.A.(English) Machinist 04/08/2006
27. Sri Vinoy Kumar Gupta Instructor Passed  I.T.I  and Diploma Civil Engineering Draughtsman (Civil) 02/03/2009
28. Sri Tushar Kanti Roy Instructor Passed Dip. in Tool & Die Making Machinist 02/03/2009
29. Ms. Madhusree Karmakar Instructor Diploma  in Electrical Engineering Wireman 11/08/2009
30. Sri. Joydeb Ghosh Instructor Passed I.T.I., N.C.V.T. Welder (Gas and Electric) 21/10/2009
31. Sri Safiqul Islam Instructor -  Enginering Drawing Diploma in Mechanical Engineering No trade 19/11/2009
32. Sri Suchisundar Chowdhury Instructor Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Fitter 23/11/2009
33. Sri.Mriganka Das Instructor Passed  I.T.I (RAC) and Apprenticeship Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioner) 24/11/2009
34. Sri jayanta Kumar Rana Instructor Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Turner 09/12/2009
35. Sri. Shuvadeep Bhattacharyya Instructor B.Sc., Diploma  in Electrical Engineering Electrician 15/12/2009
36. Sri Gobinda Samadder Instructor Passed  I.T.I  and Diploma Mechanical Engineering Turner 21/12/2009
37. Sri. Snehanshu Manna Instructor Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Turner 29/12/2009
38. Smt. Anuva Sarkar Instructor H.S., Diploma, Govt. Tailoring Institute (Advanced Dress Making) Cutting & Sewing 29/12/2009
39. Sri Murselim Shaikh Instuctor (W.Cal & Sc.) Passed B.Sc. ,NCVT & Diploma in No trade 31/12/2009
40. Sri. Haradhan Ankureh Instructor Passed I.T.I, N.C.V.T Machinist (Grinder) 31/12/2009
41. Sri. Samir Kumar Karmakar Instructor Diploma in Electrical Engineering Workshop Calculation &Sc. 12/01/2010
42. Sri. Waheha Duzzaman Islam Instructor Passed  I.T.I (Fitter), Apprenticeship in Fitter, C.T.I. Training Fitter 13/01/2010
43. Sri. Goutam Banerjee Instructor Passed I.T.I (Welder) Welder (Gas and Electric) 13/01/2010
44. Sri. Bipul Kumar Jana Instructor Passed  I.T.I (Welder) Welder (Gas and Electric) 15/01/2010
45. Sri. Nirmal Adhikary Instructor Passed  I.T.I (Carpenter) Carpenter 01/02/2010
46. Ms. Mili Roy Chowdhury Instructor Passed  I.T.I (C&S) Cutting & Sewing 01/02/2010
47. Sri. Naresh Chandra Mallick Instructor Passed  I.T.I (Welder) Welder (Gas and Electric) 01/02/2010
48. Sri. Ananta Kumar Hansda Instructor Passed  I.T.I (Welder) Welder (Gas and Electric) 02/02/2010
49. Sri. Chandan Pandey Instructor Passed  I.T.I (Electrician) Wireman 02/02/2010
50. Sri. Sk. Motahar Hossain Instructor Diploma  in Automobile Engineering Mechanic (Diesel) 04/02/2010
51. Sri. Somnath Das Instructor B.Sc. & I.T.I. (Turner) Turner 04/03/2010
52. Sri. Sanjay Kumar Mandal Instructor D.M.E. Engineering Drawing 11/03/2010
53. Sri Chandra Nath Das Instructor I.T.I. (Machinist) Machinist 24/03/2010
54. Sri. Sudip Ghanta Instructor Diploma  in Mechanical Engineering, I.T.I (Machinist) Machinist 24/03/2010
55. Sri. Shibnath Saha Instructor Diploma  in Mechanical Engineering Fitter 28/04/2010