Industrial Training Institute Kalyani, Nadia

Govt. of West Bengal, India
Center Of Excellence: Fabrication (Fitting & Welding)

Message of Chairman, IMC, ITI Kalyani

Chairman, IMC, ITI Kalyani West Bengal is the gate way for the East and North East India and very much well known for heavy Industries along with Jute, tea coal & pharmaceutical industries. All the Integrated steel plants are either located in West Bengal or in its hinterland.

Major engineering work shops of India are located in and around Kolkata. Further many large infrastructural companies are operating from Kolkata. Even at Kalyani there are several large establishments on engineering workshop, pharmaceutical, chemical Industry.

All these companies visit our Institute regularly for their requirement of skilled personnel including Fitters & welders. They also interact with our curriculum and suggest modification in the changed atmosphere of Industrialization, so that they can get the skilled workforce as per their requirement. They are interested also in extending their participation of managerial and Technical support by way of taking a few classes etc. Further, they are interested also in giving in-plant training of our students free of cost.

The Indian economy which is the 12th largest in the world is expected to grow at an average rate of 8% per annum in real terms till 2020. This will make it greater than the economics of Italy, France and U.K. by then. This is fuelled by easy availability of financing options and an intcreasing trend towards consumerism. The success of India's story is led by low cost but highly skilled labour force. This is more true for the state of West Bengal. India is also currently seen as a outsourcing hub in many industries including engineering services, manufacturing, supply of skilled manpower-particularly for Fabrication work (Filling, welding).

Further annual spending on infrastructure (besides housing) as a share of GDP in 2005 was a mere 3.6% or 28 bn USD. The Govt. of India envisaged a spending of 240 bn USD (Rs. 10.3 trillion ) over the next 5 year period (2008-12) in the XI plan.

In West Bengal also rapid spending on infra-structure, industrialization has started, particularly in heavy, chemical & process industries. The integrated steel plant like IISCO, DSP are being modernized, new steel plant involving thousand of crores are on the way. Govt. of West Bengal is also determined to construct a 'Chemical hub' of world class.

All the above works would require excellent fitters and welders which are very much short in supply in our country resulting delay in completion of project. Furthermore, we have experienced that present ITI trained fitters & welders are not upto the mark with the changed industrial environment. It appears that they do not have basic theoretical knowledge on material of construction, also there is lack of some managerial / co-ordination / planning skill, which would made them more efficient. Hence, we propose that this sector of CoE: Fabrication(Fitting & Welding) would be very much beneficial not only to the student but also for the industry and the country.

With best wishes,
Durga Chaudhuri, Chairman, IMC, ITI Kalyani & General Manager of Sriram EPC LTD Kolkata